About Our Farm



We are Bill and Peggy Gray. When we reached retirement age, we began talking about buying a small farm and raising animals. But we never imagined we would love it like we do. It’s been pure joy to take care of the animals and to watch them peacefully graze on our pastures. We are surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. It’s been awesome.

We enjoy the healthy lifestyle of living on a farm. We get fresh vegetables and herbs from our large garden; as well as farm fresh eggs from our laying hens and grass fed beef from our Jersey cows. It’s been a great adventure and we love every minute of it. We are always eager to go to classes and read books in order to learn more about these special animals we are raising.

We run the operation by ourselves. It keeps us busy but we have gotten help from other sheep and alpaca owners, who have been generous in sharing their knowledge with us. We also get help from our grandchildren who live close by. It’s been a great blessing to work side by side with our grandchildren to accomplish our goals for the farm. We’ve all learned a lot.

We are dedicated to breeding our Katahdin sheep with genetics from exceptional bloodlines. We welcome you to visit our farm and meet our animals. Come sit awhile on our deck. We will enjoy the view as we watch and talk about our animals with you.