Katahdin Sheep



Joshua and David Kay finished 1 and 2 in best of breed and and finished reserved  champion in    2015 Benton County Fair. Congratulations boys. They bought their ewe lambs at Arise and Shine Farm.

Our 2015 lambs are sold out. We will lamb in January 2016 and March 2016, now is the time to get on our waiting list for 2016.  Ewe lambs are $300 and Ram lambs start at $350.  Call, text, or email. Thanks for considering our lambs.

Katahdin sheep are a low maintenance, easy care sheep. They are a hair sheep and do not have to be sheared. Katahdin meat is mild, lean, nutritious and in high demand. They have great mothering qualities. They have plenty of milk and few lambing problems’ often giving birth in the pasture to twins or more. .Katahdin are early maturing, medium framed, well muscled sheep with fast growing lambs. Katahdin are parasite resistant, mature Katahdin rarely require deworming. We raise our sheep in pastures and use rotational pasturing methods.

Our mission is to raise quality Katahdin sheep with good genetics to be sold for breeding stock at affordable prices. We buy all of our sheep from Lazy “B” Ranch in Prague, Oklahoma, owned by Howard Brown, He produces some of the best genetics in the country. Our ram is a son of Wildman and is out of a daughter of Big’un with the Old Man and Frontier bloodlines. We  know that we have quality genetics and quality ram and ewes that will produce quality lambs.

We welcome you to visit out farm and meet our sheep. Come sit awhile on our deck. Enjoy the view as we watch the peaceful grazing of our Katahdin sheep



                                                Picture at 16 months, weighing 275 pounds


Our ram, Wildcard, is a son of Wildman and out of a daughter of  Big’um with The Old Man and Frontier in her pedigree. At 10 months old, we put him with 12 ewes and he gave us 11 sets of twins and 1 single. He put his stamp on the lambs. At 16 months, he weighed 275 pounds and is still growing.  We invite you to drop by and check him out.