Pyrenean Mastiff Dogs

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Pyrenean Mastiffs are noble, devoted , beautiful, jovial, and highly intelligent dogs. This rare breed is loyal to a fault, playful, low key, tender, patient with children, and people oriented. A breed that is relatively issue free, Pyrenean Mastiffs are hearty eaters and do require an occasional grooming and trimming. Their tenacity and courage is impressive for such an easy-going breed. At night, their deep, resounding barks keep predators away. They are devoted to the livestock and alert to any strange sounds, noise, or activity.

Gentle with children, the Pyrenean Mastiff will not hesitate to defend it’s family or livestock from any perceived threat. These dogs need a large, well-fenced area so they can exercise to remain healthy and fit. A calm, caring, obedient, and not complex temperament makes them an ideal choice for beginning large dog owners and first-timers just getting into the livestock business. Althought they are loving and kind, they take their work seriously, and need their owner to be a strong leader.

The Pyrenean Mastiff is a very large dog; males are 30″ and females 28″ at the withers. They have a heavy white coat; which they blow in the summer, with areas of brown or grey, and a dark mask on their face. The average weight is 180 pounds, although males can weigh over 220 pounds. We welcome you to visit our farm and meet our LGDs. Come sit awhile on our deck. Enjoy the view as we watch these “gentle giants” do their job.

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