Monthly Archives: December 2014

We love Christmas on our farm.  We’ve had the granddaughters from Oklahoma, 3 and 9, since Saturday. It has been so much fun seeing the season from their eyes. They decorated the tree for me Thanksgiving night and it is beautiful-even the random pieces of cotton batting and torn paper that were carefully hung on.

We’ve made cookies and decorated and decorated and decorated them. We were almost through when my grandson brought over some he had baked and a tub full of fun icing pens and tubes. I knew there was a reason I never bought those. They have very concentrated food coloring in them  and will dye everything they touch; including little teeth and lips. But the girls had a blast and it all washed out eventually.

The animals are peaceful and seem to be enjoying a little respite from frigid weather. The full blast of winter will be blowing in soon enough. I wonder if the animals enjoy the Christmas lights along the fence line as much as we do.

Last night we took the girls to Lights of the Ozarks in downtown Fayetteville. They are beautiful, especially shining in the eyes of two young girls. Some neighbors of our were giving pony rides so the girls enjoyed that, too.

 And shimmering underneath all the sparkle of the Christmas season is the humble stable from long ago. And the manger our Lord, Jesus Christ, was born in. And the star that shone brighter than any man-made has ever been able to do since. Because without Jesus, there is no Christmas. And with Him, the brightest of all lights shines in our darkness and transforms us.

Have a very Merry Christmas season and seek out His light in the New Year.



Chasing the Guineas

My husband, never one to let grass grow under his feet and an eter nal optimist, had another brilliant idea for our farm. He decided to get some guinea hens. (I see a smirk spreading across the face of those of you who have had guineas. Stop it right now.)

He went to a farm and bought eight of them last week. He brought them home in our giant dog crate and dumped them (I mean, let them out gently) in our barn. Having thought this through a little bit, he had closed all the barn doors so they couldn’t escape. They were on one side of the barn and our laying hens were on the other (we had brought them into the barn when the weather got freezing). All was well, or so  we thought.

The first day, all was well. Everyone stayed in their place. The second day they had flip-flopped and the guineas were in the hens place and hens in guineas. The third day the hens were all over the barn and the guineas were nowhere to be found. (I still see you smirking. Stop it right now.) Turns out, they were across the street at our neighbor’s house.

When he herded them back, they went into the tall grassy area by the side of our house. They seem to like it there. They hide in those tall grasses and we can’t find them. It’s amazing how quiet eight loud-mouthed guineas can be when they want to be. After a few days,  he herded them into one of our fenced pastures, where we keep the livestock, to do their job. Their job being to eat ticks and parasites and other varmints that live on farms with livestock. We’ve even heard they eat snakes and mice.

All was well, until the next morning when we got a call from another neighbor that they were in his front yard and he’d like them removed. So my husband herded them back down the street and put them in the pasture with the cows.

We’ve become a little anxious in the mornings when we wake up. The first thing we do is look out and see if we can find the guineas anywhere on our ten acres. This morning, we couldn’t see them at all, so my husband got in his truck and looked in all our neighbor’s pastures. By the time he got back to the house, they had magically appeared in our front yard. Now, Bill is not a patient man and these guineas are trying his patience big time. A few more times herding them out of our neighbor’s yards and they may end up on our Christmas table.

I hope you savor the moments of this holy  season and in the middle of the hustle and bustle, take time to remember the grace that came down in that baby in the manger and to thank Him for His grace. For what would we be without it?