Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Simple New Year

¬†We had a delightful Christmas with all of our family. Since they blew out the day after Christmas, Bill and I have settled into a simple, restful routine. We ended 2014 and welcomed 2015 in our comfy chairs in front of the fireplace. I know you young folks are thinking “Boooring!”, but I can honestly say there is nothing we’d rather do than have a quiet evening at home on our farm.

Call us “old fogeys” if you like, but we get all the excitement we want from caring for our animals. Why, just this morning, Bill got out in the cold and rain to move the pygmy goats from one pasture to another. He moved them to a pasture with shrubs and trees so they could have shelter. All six of them, at one time, had been trying to get into a doggy igloo we had put out there. Goats don’t like bad weather but, believe me, that was a tight squeeze.

And then, we had made a trip to Lowe’s and had just got in the house when a neighbor called to ask if one of our big dogs had gotten out. So we walked over to get him and bring him back. Then we found one of our guinea hens (a dead one) in the pasture. Sampson, our big dog who is an escape artist, likes for everything to be in its’ place. From time to time he will go and dig a dead animal out of our compost pile and bring it back to the barnyard where he thinks it belongs. Now, where else but on a farm can you get that kind of excitement, and for free?!?

I never got out of the house this week except to buy groceries, until we went to a movie yesterday. It’s nice to get out every once in awhile, just to be sure you still can. We want to wish all of you a healthy and happy new year 2015. We are praying for ours to be simple and quiet. I think that God made winter to allow all of earth to have a rest. Happy resting to you! to us!