Monthly Archives: March 2015

In Love With Lambs


This is my favorite time of year on the farm-lambing season. We have had 20 beautiful , healthy lambs so far with 2 ewes still to lamb And we have 1 beautiful cria (baby alpaca) with possibly 4 still to birth.

I am in love with lambs (and crias). I love their hair, fluffy as white clouds (we have hair sheep, not wool sheep). I love their tiny arrow-shaped pink noses. I love their sweet pink lips that form a perfect heart. I love their pink ears that they hold out straight on both sides of their head, as if they are trying to catch the wind. And the cria, she is all legs. She looks like she belongs to the giraffe family.

I won.t even get into the ones with brown spots. There is one that is mostly brown, with a few white spots. She stands out in the crowd. Then there is “Ruby Slippers” who has 4 brown socks and spots on her face. She is a triplet and we are bottle-feeding her. But that’s a post for another day.

If you’ve ever considered raising sheep, run, don’t walk, and buy some. You will be in love with lambs, too.