Choose Life


I went to Bible Study Fellowship this year for the study of Moses. At one point in the study of Deuteronomy, we came across this verse: “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses…Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants may live”, Deut. 30:19.┬áBill and I will always choose life. We’ve chosen it for ourselves when we committed our lives to Jesus Christ. And we choose life on our farm anytime there is an animal who is having a hard time thriving.

I’ve already written about Ruby, the triplet lamb that we had to bottle feed because she couldn’t get enough milk from her mama. I’m happy to say she now weighs 16 pounds.She is weaned from the bottle and is eating enough grass and grain to survive. And she has been moved to a pasture with other lambs so she can feel like a sheep again.

We had our third cria (baby alpaca) born. She was beautiful with chocolate brown fleece. It was the oddest thing, none of the alpacas would claim her as their baby. None of them tried to nurse her, none of them licked her. Poor baby! So we stepped in and gave her a bottle every 2 hours. She wouldn’t drink it at first, then she started drinking it all. We thought she was going to make it, but, alas, she didn’t. We were so sad! We hate it when one of our animals dies. We do our best to provide all that they need to thrive. Even so, some farm deaths are inevitable. But we’ll always choose life when we are given a chance.


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