The Family Reunion

We hosted a family reunion at our farm last weekend. Around 50 came. Thank goodness we had recently enlarged our deck because we needed every bit of that space. And thank goodness it didn’t rain because no way did I want 50 people running around in my house. Praise The Lord!

Bill had the meal catered by the “Catfish Hole”. Hallelujah! ¬†Because there ain’t no way I’m going to fix a meal for 50 folk-even if they are family. Just saying. The food was delicious and everyone liked my strawberry pie. I did make pie-at Bill’s request-8 of them!!!

If any of you have ever attended a family reunion, in the south, in July, then you know it will be hot as blue blazes with nary a breeze. The flies, however will be out in full force; and neither the box fans, nor the toxicish spray , nor the flyswatters will make a dent in their numbers.

But, you know, it was fun! In spite of the heat, the sweat, the flies, and the cousin’s little girl who screamed at the top of her lungs for 10 minutes every time she spotted one of our 6 dogs; it was a lot of fun. We got to see kinfolk we had not seen in years ¬†and got to meet others that we had never seen.

Yes! Family Reunions are the stuff that memories are made of. We can’t wait until the next one. But we’ll let someone else volunteer to host it.

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