A Shout Out

I don’t want to leave the month of October without giving a shout out to my husband, Bill. We celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary this month. We took a trip to El Dorado, in south Arkansas, and enjoyed a few days roaming around their lovely, downtown square.

Bill and I are total polar opposites in every area. It has kept life interesting.  He  is quite a guy. He has done a lot of different things in his career and his life: running a restaurant, church administrator, football player, baseball player, athletic administrator, and now a sheep farmer. He says he enjoys raising sheep more than anything he has done since he was a boy playing ball. He has poured his heart and soul, and his boundless energy, into turning our place into a first rate sheep farm.

We both love this lifestyle, but he had to drag me kicking and screaming into it. That’s been a pattern in our marriage: Bill wanting to try something new and me wanting to stay in my comfortable rut; Bill dragging me to the new place and then me thrilled to death with our new change. That’s how it was with the farm. I love everything about this way of life but he has been the driving force, the architect and the physical laborer.

If you are looking for a sheep or two, or a lamb chop or two, you can rest easy that ours are of the highest quality because Bill has done everything possible to insure that he has the very best. Because that’s the kind of guy he is.



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