Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Holding Pattern

We’re in somewhat of a holding pattern here on the farm. We made it another year through the Christmas festivities with the family (children and grandchildren). We had a great time and began a few new traditions as well as upheld most of the old ones. The girls read “‘Twas the Night Before an Ozark Christmas”. While it was kind of cute to see Big Hog Santa riding a sleigh pulled by little Razorbacks; it lacked the charm of the original Santa, with “eyes how they twinkled” and a “nose like a cherry”. I expect we’ll go back to the traditional next Christmas.

We’ve been through our first snow of the year. I hesitate to call it that because it only amounted to a few hours of little flakes that never stuck on the ground. But it did bring in the frigid temperatures that exist as I write this post. Last time I looked it was 22 degrees. We’re waiting on our oldest group of ewes to lamb. They were bred to our new ram so we’re anxious to see how they turn out. Last year, the first eight came in one day during a snowstorm. I figured they would come this year during this cold snap but none have yet. There bellies are getting big and sticking out on the sides so it shouldn’t be much longer. When a ewe lays down all day with her nose sticking up in the air, we know to start watching because she’ll have one that day, most likely. That hasn’t happened yet. So we’re just waiting and holding on . Pretty soon, we’ll be hearing those tiny “baaaas” that make this venture worthwhile. Happy New Year!.